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    The University of Wyoming offers a world-class education in the small community of Laramie, Wyoming. Founded in 1886, the university each year welcomes more than 14,000 students from all 50 states and 90 countries. As a land-grant university, we are dedicated to serving the state of Wyoming and producing graduates who go on to be global leaders. Here you can study everything from agronomy to zoology, criminal justice to theatre and dance.

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    Studying Abroad at the University of Wyoming

    January 09, 2018

    Have you ever wanted to spend a day wondering through the streets and along the Thames? What about going to the Musée du Louvre, or maybe even climb a mountain to visit ancient ruins in Peru? Did you know that the University of Wyoming has an extremely accessible study abroad program?  Thanks to exchange programs with partner universities and amazing scholarships through the College of Business and the Global Engagement Office, your dreams of studying abroad are closer than you think at UW.


    Why Study Abroad?

    Studying abroad provides an unparalleled learning opportunity. Not only can you learn more about your area of study, but there are hundreds of learning opportunities available outside of the classroom too. From learning more about another culture and meeting the locals, to learning a new language or even exploring the museums the city has to offer. There’s nothing like being exposed to new ideas and new cultures to give you a more global perspective for your degree.


    • Exchange programs: Exchange programs are available across Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia. This type of program is perfect for students who want to pay the same price for tuition and fees that they would at UW, scholarships and all. These programs can be in the fall or spring semester, or even a full academic year. For example, with a UW exchange, students could study at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia for the same cost they invest here in Laramie.
    • Faculty-Led Courses: Faculty-led courses are offered throughout the year and can cover a variety of academic subjects. One of the most popular is the London Semester where each spring students are led by UW faculty to London where they study a variety of subjects with both UW faculty and British faculty. Other specialized courses are offered throughout the year as well, over the J-term (the break between fall and spring semester), spring break, and summer in locales such as Israel, Italy, and Germany just to name a few. These are a great option for students looking for a shorter program with a lower cost, where they are on the move and among other UW students.
    • Providers: The University of Wyoming partners with a variety of third-party study abroad providers as well. While these programs can be more expensive than an exchange or faculty-led course they often have more customizable options. Students choose their study through another providers’ program offerings at hundreds of universities around the world and then transfer their credits back to the UW and still are eligible for UW scholarships and funding through the Cheney International Center. If you already have a specific location in mind you would like to study abroad in that UW doesn’t offer, this may be the best option for you.
    • College of Business Pforzheim University Scholarship Exchange: The COB Pforzheim exchange scholarship makes it possible for up to three COB majors to participate in a study abroad where awardees are sponsored for all international travel and in-country living expenses, up to $5,000. All courses are taught in English and include students from Germany and throughout Europe. Students can choose to study a variety of International Business and Economics topics and no prior knowledge of German is required. All that is required to apply is Junior or Senior status by the time of attendance to Pforzheim and a major within the UW College of Business. This is an amazing opportunity for high-achieving students to increase their global business perspective with little personal cost.

    How to Pay for it?

    Maybe you know where you want to go and how you’re going to do it, but how will you pay for it? This can be one of the most daunting aspects of study abroad. Luckily the University of Wyoming has one of the more affordable study abroad programs thanks to dozens of generous donors. Scholarships can range from $400 to $10,000. The most notable scholarship being the Cheney International Scholarship Fund.

    According to Carrie Hesco, the director of the Global Engagement Office, “All students participating in a faculty-led program that meet the minimum requirements receive a Cheney scholarship. These range from $400 to $900 depending on the length and cost of the program, for a total of $150,000 distributed to students in these programs annually.”

    Individuals going on a semester or year-long study abroad outside of a faculty-led program, “participate in a competitive selection process that awards scholarships at $1,200, $1,500 and $2,000,” said Hesco. “There is $100,000 available in the Cheney endowment for these individual students.”

    There were approximately 188 students that received scholarship funding during the 2016-2017 academic year and a total of $317,000 in scholarships was distributed during the academic year.


    So Why Not?

    The University of Wyoming and the College of Business make it so easy to study abroad in a location and at a price point that works for you, so why not apply? You have the world to gain, and nothing to lose.

    Contact the Education Abroad Office for more information on how you can make your study abroad dreams a reality.

    Have you already studied abroad? Comment below and let us know what your experience was like!