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Preparing for a Business Degree at UW

Written by uwyobiz | Sep 26, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Why start preparing now? You may still have a few years before college, but it may be closer than you think. With that time, there’s plenty of things you can start doing now to get on a great track when college applications come around!

Take Classes That Prepare you for Your Future Field

Interested in a career path in business? Keep an eye out for business classes offered at your school. These could be anything from accounting to marketing to even a writing class. Getting a well-rounded business foundation can propel you forward when arriving at the COB.

Take the ACT or SAT

Take the ACT or SAT early, and if necessary don’t be afraid to retake it! The University of Wyoming would like to see either an ACT score of 21 or SAT score of 1060. Getting a higher score can even qualify you for different scholarships through the university or College of Business.

Get Involved

While test scores and transcripts play the biggest part in the college admission process, getting involved in extracurricular activities can help you stand out from the crowd. Find something you’re interested in and get involved! In some cases your high school clubs have a college level equivalent, so you could stay just as involved in the organization throughout your time at UWyo. The organizations we’re excited to offer with high school and college levels include Collegiate DECA and soon to be charted FBLA-PBL.

Schedule a Campus Visit

Scheduling a campus visit can be one of the most crucial steps in the college admissions process. Think about it – you wouldn’t buy a new car without test driving it first.  The College of Business is here to make that step as easy as possible! We have a dedicated undergraduate representative specifically for the College of Business, who focuses on helping future students discover why this college is so great! You can connect directly with our recruiter to talk about visit options!

Research Scholarships you can Apply for

Not only does the University of Wyoming offer amazing scholarships to incoming students – both in state and out of state – but the College of Business offers $400,000+ in scholarships every year. Check out our Scholarship Page to see specifically what you are eligible for!