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    The University of Wyoming offers a world-class education in the small community of Laramie, Wyoming. Founded in 1886, the university each year welcomes more than 14,000 students from all 50 states and 90 countries. As a land-grant university, we are dedicated to serving the state of Wyoming and producing graduates who go on to be global leaders. Here you can study everything from agronomy to zoology, criminal justice to theatre and dance.

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    New Student FAQ

    August 16, 2016

    Beginning your first semester can be a very exciting and eventful time, but it can also be very confusing and stressful trying to figure out what you can and can't bring with you, where to buy textbooks, and even tracking down who your roommate is.

    Fortunately for you, the UW Blog has your back with a set of frequently asked questions from previous incoming students!



    I can't find my roommate on social media, what do I do?

    If you can't find your roommate on places like Facebook, you can try other social media sites like Twitter or Instagram. If you are in the class of 2020, you can also check out the facebook group University of Wyoming Class of 2020 and see if someone there knows the person. If these options fail, you can contact Reslife and Dining at and see if they can provide you with additional contact information.


    What do I need to bring?

    Take a look around your room. Yes, right now. Almost everything in there can be brought with you to your home away from home in the residence halls.

    Have a TV? Bring it.

    Have a suped-up laptop or top of the line gaming console? Bring it.

    Have a shower cap in the shape of a rubber ducky? Bring it!

    Some additional things you might not have thought of are approved surge protectors that are designed to detect cord damage (found at any Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Lowes, and the UW Bookstore), some of your own dishes and silverware, a shower caddy, a microwave that is under 800 watts, and a mini fridge less than 4.5 cubic feet. 


    A full list of things to bring can be found here and be sure to check out the Dorm Tech Checklist for what gadgets you should look into.


    Is there anything that is prohibited?

    Yes. Obvious things like alcohol, illegal substances, and weapons are prohibited in the residence halls. Things like large sofas, full sized refrigerators, potential fire hazards like hot plates, halogen lamps, and open coil burners, and appliances over 800 watts are also not allowed. Click here for a full list of prohibited items.


    Am I allowed to decorate?

    As long as you follow the outlined rules, you are encouraged to decorate and make your home away from home your own. 

    For those wondering about lofting your beds, loft kits can be requested on your Housing and Dining contract but you can also ask for one by emailing Reslife . If you are fortunate enough to be in White or McIntyre Hall, your beds are alreadly adjustable and do not need a loft kit for them to be raised. 


    **Side note! Each residence hall has its own set of distinctions and guidelines so visit the individual pages for more specific information: McIntyre, OrrWhite, Downey, Crane, Hill


    What if I don't like my roommate?

    While the University does its absolute best to pair you up with someone most like you, that does not mean you will be 100% compatible. If you do have a major conflict, the residence halls offer peer meditation to help students work through their problems and better communicate and live together. Talk to your RA for more information.

    Something to keep in mind when working with your new roommate is to have an open mind. As you get older and get further and further into the professional world you will encounter many people who have different political backgrounds, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation that will conflict with yours. Being able to find common ground with people who have these opposite points of views is an amazing skill to have and a testament to your maturity and respect. 


    Is there anyway I can connect to other incoming students?

    Absolutely! Besides the aformentioned Class of 2020 Facebook group for Freshman, you can choose to live on special floors dedicated to also sign up for a FIG. A Freshman Interest Group is a way for you to connect with students who are interested in the same areas of study, have similar or the same career goals, or are just as confused as you are. Unfortunately, the application process to join a FIG is over for the Fall 2016 semester. If you did choose to join one, you will live on the same floor as other members of your FIG and be in a communal environment that will provide connections to help you get established during your time at UW.

    Other specialty floors include single sex floors, an ROTC floor, and substance free floors.

    Getting involved on campus is also an amazing way to meet people and make friends. In the residence halls there are opportunities to get involved in hall senate and the RHA. Outside of this, there are plenty of Recognized Student Organizations to join that will match any advocacy, political, sporting, and professional development interests you have.

    A full directory of UW RSOs can be found here. Can't find one you like? You can start one yourself by following this link


    Am I allowed to bring a printer?

    You can bring a personal printer as long as it fulfills outage requirements, but the University gives you credit for use of printers at Coe Library and most other printing locations across campus. How much you get can range anywhere from $5 to $10 but printing black and white documents (like four page essays) only cost 5 cents per page.


    Can I bring my own router? 

    UW's Resnet internet system fully allows you to connect a personal router and use it in your room. Setup is as simple as following the instructions on your router and connecting it via an ethernet cord. Computer recommendations and other service requirments and limitations can be found here.


    Which program is best to write essays or take notes on?

    20140718_TCB5593.jpgMicrosoft Word is the most reliable and most popular program. While online retail prices can range from $70 per month to a one time fee of $150, the University of Wyoming offers the full Microsoft Office free through your UW email account! This package includes Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Publisher, and all other Office programs. Instructions for installation can be found here.




    When and where do I order textbooks?

    To find textbook information you can follow this path: go to and click on the Students link under WyoRecords. From there, click the Registration tab and follow the Register for Classes link at the top of the second column. Choose the Fall 2016 term and on the next screen all of your classes will be listed in the Summary box. Click any of your courses and a popup will appear that can direct you to the UW Store that will list all assigned text 20140718_TCB5712.jpgmatierials required by your professor(s). 

    As for when, you have some possibilites. It's always better to get them sooner rather than later to prevent any hassles with shipping. If that is not an option for you, you can get them the first day of classes or earlier at the UW Store as all students are automatically set up with a $500 financial aid charge so you can buy your textbooks without having to activate your accounts before ordering.

    If you cannot get your textbooks early don't stress about it. The first week of classes are very relaxed and most professors are very forgiving if you make it a priority or tell them your situation.