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    The University of Wyoming offers a world-class education in the small community of Laramie, Wyoming. Founded in 1886, the university each year welcomes more than 14,000 students from all 50 states and 90 countries. As a land-grant university, we are dedicated to serving the state of Wyoming and producing graduates who go on to be global leaders. Here you can study everything from agronomy to zoology, criminal justice to theatre and dance.

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    From Wyoming to the NFL

    February 05, 2018

    By: Leann Bentley

    "nfl 1.jpgsay yes to everything"

        Kristin Phillips, a University of Wyoming graduate and now a producer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL team believes that soon-to-be graduates should "Say yes to everything" when it comes to finding a passion after recieving your diploma. 

        Graduating with a degree in Communications and Journalism, Phillips worked for the UW Football Team as a video coordinator intern when she was a student. During her time on the field, she realized just how much this sport had to offer on and off the turf. Her internship and experiences with the football team led her to apply for jobs within the NFL, and now, a couple years in, she has become a part of the Buccaneers team in a much bigger way.

        Not only is she a producer who works with the athletes from the top down, but she spear-headed a pediatric cancer fundraiser that raised over $75,000.  

        The fundraiser, which is an initiative of one of the players, Gerald McCoy, opened up a door for Phillips to donate as well. However, she wanted to take it one step further, with the help of many other athletes on the team. She decided to challenge the players, “I said to the guys, if they raise up to $75,000 - I would shave my head. Being natural born competitors, the team leaped at the opportunity.”

        After her challenge, she raised an additional $35,000 from multiple players on top of McCoy’s gracious donation of $40,000 and with that, Phillips head was shaved.

    Paving the way

        “The biggest take-away for me is that I was given opportunities that otherwise I don’t believe ever would have happened had I not gone to the University of Wyoming.” Phillips interned for the football team which gave her the chance to be involved in the recruiting process, create the weekly team highlights, and aid in web and video production; she believed she would not have been given these opportunities had she gone to a bigger university.

      Furthermore, she was President of the University of Wyoming Equestrian team; she believes this position helped shape her into the organized, hard worker she has become. It also taught her leadership, patience, empathy and discipline which she attributes to her work ethic today.

       Additionally, Phillips was a major part in the video feature of a Buccaneers football player Eric Nzeocha, who also graduated from the University of Wyoming. Her and Eric worked together in creating an amazing video, showcasing both of their amazing talents. 


    UW Alumni Spotlight

      UW helped in paving the way for Phillips, and in her own words, “There were so many things that made my time at Wyoming special. Everything that transpired in that small town are exactly the reason why I am the way I am today. UW molded me into the person I am.

      From the classroom to the football field in Tampa Bay, Kristin Phillips has taken the Wyoming sprit with her and continues to build something special.