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    5 Things to Take off Your Social Media Page

    March 22, 2016

    social media.png

    If you own a social media page you’ve probably noticed a lot of posts on your feed. Some funny, some awful – but have you ever thought about what your posts say about you?

    Not many people think about this in the moment, but what you post can impact your future – from job advancements to networking. Listed below are five things to consider taking off your social media page so whether you have an opportunity to network, get your dream job, or just want to avoid some embarrassing moments, you are prepared.

    1) Don’t post any pictures of illegal activity – This first point should be pretty obvious, but people don’t want to see underage drinking, smoking, and other things of that nature. No matter if your red solo cup is filled with alcohol or juice it’s never good to have in a picture, let alone if someone is looking at it wondering if you would be a good fit for their company. Employers will take a professional over a partier any day of the week.

    2) Political, religious, or controversial posts – Be mindful of how you post these topics. There is respectful and then there is overboard. One of the quickest ways to get people riled up is by talking about politics, religion, or anything that has clear division. Remember that everyone has their own ideas about each of these so you don’t want people to be turned off or unresponsive to you.

    3) Clean old posts that might get you in trouble – Who you are now is probably vastly different than who you were four years ago. Don’t let something that you posted years ago come back to haunt you. There are people who will go back years to make sure there aren’t red flags. You can’t remember everything you’ve ever posted take the time to review your posts to see if there is anything that can be misconstrued.

    4) Watch out for things you get tagged in – We all have those friends that we like to joke around, but be aware of your privacy settings regarding anything you’re tagged in or shared. So when in doubt just untag yourself or remove it from your wall. It may be something, small but you don’t want it growing into something big.

    5) Remember spelling and grammar rules – This might seem like something small to remember, but regardless of what medium you use it’s all about presentation. One of the biggest things that undercut credibility is spelling errors. Regardless of if you’re giving someone a resume or if they can view your social media, just do a quick double check because the wrong ‘there’ or a missing comma will always get attention.

    In the age of increasing technology and social media, it only takes one post to set you back. Be aware that what you post may not always be original content. You may want to rethink if you want to share that meme and who will see it.

    Also consider who you follow on social media. Are they a good influence on your posts? Will they be offended by your posts? Does following this account or liking this page make you seem less professional?

    For more tips and tricks, check out the College of Business on Facebook and Instagram.