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    New Supply Chain Management Association | UW College of Business

    December 10, 2015

    By: Annie Burback | President and Founder of the Supply Chain Student Association

    Supply chain student association


    Who am I?

    My name is Annie Burback, and I am a senior in the College of Business. My major is Business Management and I first found an interest in Supply Chain Management (SCM) in Cliff Asay’s Intro to Operations Management course. I declared a minor in DSCI and early this spring was included on an email list of DSCI minors seeking members to participate in the first ever SCM case competition at Weber State (where we placed 3rd). Before I had even taken the SCM class, I attended the competition with a team of five UW students and it completely reaffirmed my interest. When I returned from the case competition, I officially declared a concentration in SCM and am now in the heart of the curriculum. Being a very process-oriented person, I enjoy the study of making systems and methods more efficient. I will be in the second wave of students to graduate from the College of Business with a Supply Chain Management concentration.

    What is Supply Chain Management?

    More specifically, SCM is managing processes within a business that are value-adding and in the end result in a product or service. The field of SCM can include operations, warehouse, and inventory management, purchasing, negotiations, logistics, and supplier analysis.

    How Supply Chain Management could benefit your future success?

    Adding the SCM concentration has helped me key-in on exactly what I want to be doing after graduation. My courses for the concentration include: Supply Chain Management, Computer Applications in Decision Science, Negotiations and Conflict Resolution, Purchasing and Supply Management, and Logistics. Other suggested courses are: Law for Managers, Revenue Management, Project Management, Global Business Issues, and Sustainable Business Practices. In my current semester, I am working on multiple group projects with real businesses that have been incredibly beneficial to me in seeing different options of job responsibilities which I may hold at some point. My senior practicum project in Dr. Brewer’s SCM class has been a semester-long project working with Ivinson Memorial Hospital in their materials department analyzing the surgical pack program, and current supplier relationships. From this experience, and many others, I have been able to network and have been referred for different entry level SCM opportunities. I am truly very excited to be a part of this relatively new, and rapidly changing field.

    My thoughts on creating an RSO in Supply Chain Management.

    I have recently partnered with some of the professors in the SCM concentration to establish the Supply Chain Student Association at the University of Wyoming. As of a few weeks ago, it is an official Recognized Student Organization and we are working on building the foundation for a program which we hope can thrive in the future as SCM interest grows. The purpose of the SCSA is to give students interested in SCM outside of class opportunities such as taking tours, and listening to professional speakers from the fields of supply chain, procurement, logistics, and state-focused industries such as mining, tourism, and sustainable energy. We would also like to encourage students to participate in SCM case competitions and conferences. We are in the process of obtaining funding to send students in May to the Institute for Supply Management conference, and also the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals conference in September. Other goals of the SCSA are to foster professional networking that could lead to internships or job placement, and to develop the SCM concentration in the College of Business.

    SCSA meetings will start again in the spring, and anyone is welcome Mondays at 5:30pm (COB location TBA).

    If you have any questions, or would like to be a part of the SCSA please contact me, Annie Burback at