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    Supply Chain Management has arrived to the University of Wyoming College of Business

    October 27, 2015
    By: Berry Brewer | Assistant Professor of Decision Science | Supply Chain Management Arrives at UW
    Welcome Supply Chain Management
    Fall of 2015 marked the first opportunity for UW students to earn a concentration in Supply Chain Management(SCM). This opportunity exists in both the Marketing and Management Majors. Supply chain management is a critical skill essential to every company. All companies must buy, make, and deliver goods and services. Supply Chain management is the management of those essential business processes.
    Valuable Experience
    Students selecting the concentration in SCM will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience before they graduate. The SCM faculty (Larry Weatherford, Corey Billington, Cliff Asay, Andy Arnette and Barry Brewer) all have individual industry experience and are dedicated to students obtaining experience before they graduate to make them attractive to hiring companies. Students’ first Class will be DSCI 3210: Operations management. In this class students learn the basics of managing manufacturing and service processes. After or concurrent with 3210, students should take two classes in their fall semester of their Junior year, DSCI 4230 Procurement and DSCI 4240 Computer Applications. Students will take away essential Excel skills and knowledge and experience that will help procure raw materials, components, etc. for companies. Spring of Junior Semester students should take DSCI 4270 Logistics. In this course students will learn the essentials of warehousing, transportation, and customer service. The capstone class for the SCM concentration is DSCI 4280 Supply Chain Management. The goal of the capstone is to bring all the concepts the students have learned together into discussions and semester long projects with local companies.
    One thing that sets the SCM concentration apart is the experience students will gain in courses. Students will have projects with real companies in their 4230, 4270, and 4280 courses. Students in the 4280 class this fall are working on projects with Cloud Peak Energy, Walmart Distribution Center, Murdoch’s Distribution Center and Ivinson Memorial Hospital. Students tackle this business problems in small groups of 3-8 students. These learning experiences will place them above their peers when they hit the job market.
    Students are excited
    Student response to the major has been great. Three students will graduate this academic year with a good sized group to follow. How do know if SCM is your thing? If you are a problem solver, some one that likes the challenge of a complex puzzle, odds are that you would enjoy the complexities of a supply chain career. It is a profession that is constantly evolving. You have to keep learning to stay relevant. For many students that is great, because they won’t become bored and will continually face challenges to make it an entertaining and enjoyable career. If you’re interested, stop by and visit with the faculty listed above. Welcome to the world of supply chain management UW!!!
    brewer supply chain competition
    The picture is the COB supply chain team, who placed third at the Weber State University Case Competition 2015.
    For more information you can check out COB Management & Marketing Page (Scroll to the bottom). Also, Dr. Brewer is heading Supply Chain Management, for additional questions email: