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    The University of Wyoming offers a world-class education in the small community of Laramie, Wyoming. Founded in 1886, the university each year welcomes more than 14,000 students from all 50 states and 90 countries. As a land-grant university, we are dedicated to serving the state of Wyoming and producing graduates who go on to be global leaders. Here you can study everything from agronomy to zoology, criminal justice to theatre and dance.

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    Starting from the bottom & Rising up | UW College of Business Alumni is Co-Founder & Marketing Specialist at BHP Social

    September 03, 2015

    UW Alumni Chelsea Combe | Co-Founder & Marketing Specialist at BHP Social


    I am Chelsea Combe, and I am a proud Wyoming native. My family and I have lived in several small Wyoming towns, but I consider Casper, Wyoming my home. Growing up I played basketball, danced, and spent a lot of time in the mountains.

    Chelsea Combe

    In the fall of 2010 I moved to Laramie, Wyoming to attend the University of Wyoming. Like most freshman new to college, I was unsure of what career path I wanted to pursue. I wanted to be everyone and do everything. I guess not much has changed. However, even at a young age, I have always been passionate about my relationships with people. After a few years of changing majors and soul searching, I finally realized that above all I was a creator. I am driven by ideas, details, and connections. These very interests and characteristics led me to the Management and Marketing Department at the College of Business. At the 2015 College of Business Recognition Dinner I was the recipient of the Student Most Likely to Succeed in Marketing award. In May of 2015 I graduated from the University of Wyoming with a bachelors in marketing.

    The state of Wyoming, especially the Laramie community, has become such a big part of who I am. The College of Business has led me to many opportunities that I am passionate about, and I am so grateful. With that being said, I am honored and humbled to write this blog post for the College of Business. Thank you for yet another incredible opportunity as well as the unconditional support that you have shown me as I move forward.

    Falling into Fate:

    In January of 2013 I utilized the Johnson Career Center at the College of Business to land a position with BHP Imaging as a marketing and sales intern. Applying for this position was by far the best decision I made throughout my college career.

    In July of 2011, BHP Imaging was founded by Brian Harrington in Laramie, Wyoming. Brian is a fly fishing enthusiast who grew up in Greybull, Wyoming near the Big Horn Mountains. He graduated with a degree in photography from Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. BHP Imaging specializes in wedding and commercial photography, and holds clients all over the state of Wyoming as well as Northern Colorado.

    Over the years Brian and I have formed a trusting, and unique business relationship. He put a camera in my hand and encouraged me to capture light and people in their simplest, most beautiful form. I taught Brian the intricacies of branding and how to apply it to the marketplace. Our individual talents and unique personalities compliment each other perfectly. It is a privilege to work alongside Brian and represent BHP Imaging. Brian is not only my mentor, but a good friend. Together we take risks, push boundaries, and craft great ideas.

    BHP Social & Owning Your Network:

    In January of 2015 BHP Imaging began working with local businesses on creating images for social media marketing campaigns. Our first collaboration with Audrey Jansen and Jessica Romero of Sweets Cakes & Pastry was a success. Shortly after the Sweet’s “Treat Yo’ Self” New Years campaign, Brian and I saw an opportunity in the marketplace. We then began putting momentum behind our ideas. We made a plan, set objectives, and gave our service a few trial runs in downtown Laramie. We were happy with our results. Creating something of value for other local businesses gave us motivation to start our own company.

    Before launching our company in August of 2015, we hired Audrey Jansen onto the team. Audrey is a UW College of Business Alumni as well as a Laramie native. Audrey and I met each other in school, and we have worked on several projects together in the past. She has a creative mind, a powerful network, and a contagious personality. Brian and I couldn’t have asked for a better addition to the BHP Social team.

    BHP Social is a group of three creatives dedicated to bringing visual storytelling to the social marketplace. We create customized content and marketing strategies for businesses and individuals of all kinds. Our goal is to help our clients increase their customer base while taking their brand to the next level on social media.

    It has been so exciting to watch this idea and brand come to life. Please follow along with us on this new adventure.


    Again, a big thank you to the UW College of Business for asking me to write this blog post. BHP Social would not be here without the resources and knowledge provided by the University of Wyoming. I will continue to stand for the Code of the West and make the University of Wyoming and the Laramie community proud.

    Let’s get in touch! I would love to hear from you!

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    Chelsea E. Combe

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