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    UW College of Business Ethnographic Research in Madrid

    June 16, 2015

    by: Alyssa Hagstrom, Marketing Major at the University of Wyoming College of Business

    My Focus

    My major is marketing and I have found my passion within my degree. I absolutely love event planning, traveling, and meeting new people. My junior year of college we were asked what spaceports were? No one had any idea what they were! Spaceports are like commercial airports, where people buy tickets to fly to a certain destination. There is a new spaceport being build right here in America. The spaceport will be located in New Mexico. The tickets will be very expensive. The price for one person will be roughly $200,000. Only a few people will be able to afford these tickets, however, we could host a mass crowd event to promote the first commercial space launch off. This will be an impactful moment in history and by hosting an event a lot of people will experience this amazing launch. As space becomes a popular subject with mass crowd events, education, and research; I believe the STEM program will successfully gain more student interest. My idea for a mass crowd event was to implement concerts at night and events throughout the day. Co-Vending will be very important for lodging, traveling, tours, and food. I have all of my research completed on other files for any question later.

    Personalized Event for Spain

    Different countries value different traditions and styles of living. For two weeks we were able to research Spain’s Culture and we found a few main differences:

    • The night life doesn’t start until 12am and they stay out until 6am
    • They take siesta’s (naps) and all stores shut down around 3-5pm
    • They eat dinner around 8pm, 9pm, or 10pm
    • Tapas (snacks) are very popular around 3pm, 4pm, or 5pm
    • Not many English speaking citizens

    Just with these few differences it would change my event planning. 1.) The concerts would start later, around 10pm. 2.) The venue to build would be natural “much like red rocks amphitheater” 3.) The venue would need to be easily accessible (venue would be located at a main metro stop or bus stop.) 4.) The event needs to be sustainable so we wanted to create an app and eliminate all paper that would have all the tickets, events, and times all on one mobile app. The app would also register members for emergency alerts and all important information notifications. Additionally for multiple day passes we thought of doing rubber wrist bands to show different packages people bought and customers will not have to worry about losing a paper or getting their wrist band pickpocketed.


    Madrid, Spain was the location John, Ricky, and I Traveled to! It was an exciting experience where we learned a lot about Spain’s culture. By traveling to Spain we were able to get an idea of how to host a mass crowd event, how we could implement sustainable features, and discover their culture. They have effective transportation such as metros, taxis, shuttles, and buses. In the tourist area they have workers who are bilingual and can answer any questions you might have. There are many historical buildings and beautiful sites around town! If there was a mass crowd event in Europe travelers all over the world could visit many countries because you can travel by car, plane, or bus for a low cost. Traveling to Spain and observing different airports was part of our research as well. Airports were great about assisting people with disabilities or the elderly. All the airports we flew into had good customer service, strict security regulations, and effective procedures. All international flights allow a 50lb. bag plus a carry on. While you are flying travelers get blanket, eye wear, ear plugs, two meals, and a wonderful selection of music and movies! We were flying with Delta Airlines.

    Thankful for my Travels

    As an undergraduate student I was thrilled that we were able to conduct market research that related to our in class projects. Our projects were always generated to create some excitement and the ultimate prize was to actually research another culture and gain real life experience researching all the details of another country. Spain is absolutely gorgeous and we were blessed to see two cities while we were there! Barcelona was more of a tourist area with exciting beaches and new building. Madrid had historical value with beautiful architecture. Traveling is always an eye opening experience and I thank the Sustainable Business Practice Initiative and the College of Business for the funding.

    If you have any questions based upon our previous research or current research please feel free to comment below!

    If you're headed to Spain and you want to know about our trip let me know in the comments as well!